IT Services

We implement hardware and software systems designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve workflow. In addition we provide support, maintenance and troubleshooting services.

IT Services from A to Z

Data Backup

An essential safeguard for any business operation, data backup provides the ability to quickly restore data loss resulting from a catastrophic event, whether human error, natural disaster, theft, fire or water damage.

Email Hosting

When effectively designed, integrated data and email services can provide your company with a unified communications solution that helps maximize employee productivity.

Technical Support

Connecting all devices to the proper internet network for optimum work flow can be a daunting and tedious task. TBS assists businesses and individuals with these tasks so that business people can focus on business, we'll handle the rest.

IT Support

Comprehensive IT support is a broad range of services and management to enable any business to run more efficiently. TBS works with industry leading technology to ensure that your business if on the forefront of cutting edge tools and integrations.

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